Home Church Questions:

October 21: Problem Child

1. Why do you think God uses “your” feet to crush the devil?

2. What is a lie that you have believed about yourself?

3. What is the truth that Jesus says about you?

4. What are some ways we can be a problem for the devil?

October 14: Revelation 6: This is how we fight our battles. pt.2
  • 1.    What stuck out to you the most from the teaching this week? Why?
  • 2.    What feature in nature brings you the closest to God and why?
  • 3.    When you think about the future/eternity and Heaven and Earth being merged, how does that make you feel?
  • 4.    Revelation says God and Jesus will LIVE with us- Like they will actually be there. Let that sink in and discuss as a group.
  • 5.    When you think about the End of Times; do you usually think Negative; i.e. destruction and pain/misery or do you think about the Glory of God? Why do you think the Negative is associated with Revelation so much? 

October 7: Revelation 5: This is how we fight our battles. pt.1
  • 1.    What stuck out to you the most from this week’s sermon? Why?
  • 2.    What comes to mind when you think of the Battle of Armageddon? Did you learn anything new about this battle from Pastor Coles teaching? If yes, what?
  • 3.    What do you think of when you hear God’s wrath and Judgment? Why?
  • 4.    Pastor Cole taught that sin recoiling back on us is the wrath of God and Judgment is Gods backing off and allowing sin to run its course in our lives. What are your thoughts on this? (This is a VERY deep theology that we barely dipped our toes into-Just FYI)
  • 5.    Psalm 139:8 says this, “IF I go to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in HELL, you are there.” KJV If you are in a “living Hell” share that with your group for prayer. 
September 30: Revelation 4: This is how we fight our battles. pt.1

1. What stuck out to you the most on the teaching This is how we fight our battles? And Why?

2. Jesus was the same yesterday, today and forever. What does this say about his views on violence? Do you believe that Jesus could use violence to accomplish his purposes? Why or why not?

3. Why is fighting back in a violent way so appealing?

4. Did your view of God change due to this sermon? If yes, Why and how?

5. If God does not use violence against His enemies, how should we treat ours? Why is this so difficult? 

September 16: Revelation 2: The Lion or the Lamb?
1.    What stood out to you the most on the teaching on Revelation week 2, The Lion or the Lamb?
2.    When you hear Lion of Judah, what do you think? When your hear the Lamb of God, what do you think?
3.    Why is it important to see Jesus as a slaughtered little lamb instead of a devouring Lion?
4.    Why is a Macho, sword carrying, MMA fighting picture of Jesus so attractive?
5.    If Self-Sacrifice is the true power of God, then how should we live and act as image bearers of God? In what ways is self-sacrifice difficult in our culture?
6.    If you have any “Pushbacks” on this different interpretation on Revelation share them with your Home Church and why. 

September 9: Revelation 1: A Beautiful Vision
  • 1.  What stuck out to you the most from the first week of teaching on Revelation? Why?
  • 2.  Is your view of Revelation more Crystal Ball or another view? Why is that?
  • 3.  Why do you think we obsess about the future as human beings?
  • 4.  Do you trust God with your future? Your financial future? Your retirement? Your health?
  • 5.  If you have time have a group member read the entire book of Revelation as the first generation church would have done. Take it in as one piece of literature. Let it impact you. 
September 2: What is Church: One Body
1.  What stuck out to you the most on the What is Church: One Body sermon? Why?
2.  What does it mean that we are one body? 
3.  Think about the Pando Trees and then discuss why so many people don’t stay in one church? Discuss how the church would flourish if people stayed planted and built the church up instead of leaving when things get rough or don’t go their way? 
4.  Why do you need the Church? (hint: you do! ) Why does the Church need you?
5.  Pray for our Church to Grow in numbers of people during the WELL52 invite program! Who are you inviting this week? 

August 26th- What is Church? 
1.   What stuck out to you the most from Pastor Cole’s teaching on What is Church? Why
2.   Why do you do Church?
3.   What is your favorite thing about the Well Church
4.   Well 52. Discuss the ways in which you can make 52 happen!
5.   Pray for the Well to grow as we invite and welcome new people to our church that is for Everyone! 
August 19. Giving- Proverbs 3:9-10
1.  What stood out to you the most from Pastor Cole’s teaching on giving from Proverbs 3:9-10? Why?
2.  How can giving your money away bring you Joy?
3.  Share stories of times when you have given and it did bring you Joy; and share why. 
4.  Your home church is part of the Well church, think of a way to take up a collection in your group and bless another person that someone knows is in need; or needs encouragement. See what God does with your group gift.
5.  Pray for the finances of the Well Church, we have big plans to grow and reach more and more people as we build the Kingdom in our little corner of the world; and we need your financial support!

August 12: Grace Words- Proverbs 16:24
  • 1.   What stuck out to you the most on the teaching about our speech? Why?
  • 2.   Think of something negative, harsh, ugly that someone said about you that you can still remember to this day. Why can we so easily remember these words?
  • 3.   How are words so powerful? How do they hold Holy Influence.
  • 4.   Read Proverbs 18:21 Your words are so powerful that they will kill or give life, they’re either poison or Fruit---you choose! Tpt/message
  • -With your group Honestly share whether your words usually Kill or Give life.

         5. Spend the rest of your group time sharing words of life about one another.   (this is a great                    exercise to speak over your home church friends and a way to practice this in your everyday                    conversations.)