TheWell Church (Launch Date August 28th)

Edmond Christian Church will soon become The Well Church. This transformation will begin now and run throughout the Summer, but we will officially re-launch as The Well Church on August 28th.


1.  Why do we need to change the name?

We constantly are confused with other Edmond Churches, 1st Christian of Edmond, Edmond Church of Christ, etc. This change will help us better identify who and what we are in the community. We want to serve and be Jesus’ hands and feet in our community, and we want people to clearly know where and who we are. 


2. Are we no longer a Christian Church with the name, “The Well Church”?  NO, The Well Church will still be a restoration movement Christian Church. We will still be involved with our sister churches and institutions.


3. Why the Well Church? In biblical times people gathered at the local well. A well provides water, i.e. Life. Jesus told the woman at the well that He was the Living Water –John 4:10. We believe and teach that Jesus is LIFE. We want people to come to the Well Church to find and live with Jesus and His people. Also the name The Well Church has a visual aspect to the name that will help people identify our church better in our community.


4. Will the name change include changing our doctrine and vision? NO. We will still be a church that teaches about Jesus from the Bible, the written word of God.


5. When will the name actually change? August 28th. We will have a big celebration on this Sunday!