What type of Church is The Well

We get this question a lot. The Well Church is part of the independent Christian churches. We are not a denomination, but a brotherhood of independent churches. We are "Christians" only. At The Well Church, we follow the great commandment in Matthew 22: to Love God and to Love others! If you have any other questions about us, please reach out and let us know!

This may explain it more, words about this Church Family written by one of our own:

This family.

I love these people. I crave time with them. I love serving with them.

We wear t shirts and jeans. We wear dresses and dress shirts. We have tattoos and manicured nails. Some of us have (impressive) beards. Some are clean shaven. Some of us ride motorcycles and some would never get on a motorcycle. Some of us home-school our children. Some of us send our children to school. Some of us are Republicans. Some are Democrats. Some are neither. We work in a multitude of jobs all over this city.

We all want to see our community changed from the inside out. We all want to share the good news about Christ’s teachings and his way of life. In all things we try to point people to Christ. Because that’s what matters, isn’t it?

In our culture of fear, we look to Jesus and how he treated people. With dignity. Always dignity.

Our leadership team is open and honest about their struggles and mistakes. I have found such inspiration in that. There is freedom in authenticity. Life is too short for unattainable expectations.

If you are searching for community, I am so proud to say you will be welcomed with open arms at “The Well Church”.

Come as you are.

We are not fancy. We are not spotless. We are people who love Jesus and love each other.

In no other place in this culture have I seen such inter-generational community. In no other place in this culture have I seen people joyfully giving up Saturdays and vacations to serve people they don’t even know.

Please come check us out.
This family loves and serves and gives and creates so well.