• Cole Taylor

    Lead Pastor

    Cole is an Oklahoma native. Cole has been at The Well for 11+ years. Cole loves VW's, motorcycles, folk music, photography, his dog Pete, anything Apple makes and of course Jesus. Cole is married to Wendy and they have 2 kids, Blake and Maggie.


  • Elijah Lutz

    Associate pastor

    Elijah is from Edmond. He is a graduate of Memorial High School. Elijah plays guitar, loves coffee and life in general. Elijah leads our worship team and our Junior/Senior High student ministries.  He spends way to much time at Aspen Coffee shop.


  • Nick Laguardia

    Well Kids pastor

    Nick is from Edmond. He is an Edmond North kid and he grew up at the Well Church. Nick loves hockey, playing bass, making home-made cheeses and pointing kids to Jesus. He also has really cool tattoos. 


  • Cindy STrickland

    office Guru

    Cindy is the old timer @ The Well. She started in the 40's or something like that. Cindy creates the bulletins, washes the staff's cars, is fluent in 8 languages, loves Thunder basketball, and owns something like 17 cats and dogs. Cindy is married to Wes and has 2 kids, Shelby and Scott.