• Cole Taylor

    Lead Pastor

    Cole is an Oklahoma native. Cole has been at The Well for 12+ years. Cole loves VW's, motorcycles, folk music, photography, his dog Pete, anything Apple makes and of course Jesus. Cole is married to Wendy and they have 2 kids, Blake and Maggie.


  • Elijah Lutz

    youth/worship pastor

    Elijah is from Edmond. He is a graduate of Memorial High School. Elijah plays guitar, loves coffee, dogs, Chance the Rapper and life in general. Elijah leads our worship team and our OVRFLW YOUTH group. He spends way to much time at Aspen Coffee shop.


  • Nick Laguardia

    Well Kids pastor

    Nick is from Edmond. He is an Edmond North kid and he grew up at the Well Church. Nick loves hockey, playing bass, his dog A.J., making home-made cheeses and pointing kids to Jesus. He also has really cool tattoos. 



  • Ashley Engle

    Associate pastor

    Ashley Engle is a long time member at the Well. Ashley is married to Jeff and they have 3 awesome kids. Ashley also has a rad dog named Happy. Ashley is the only staff member without tattoos. Ashley works with OVRFLW youth, coordinates Home churches, outreach, the If Gathering and many other aspects of the Well. She is Legit. 


  • Cindy STrickland

    office Guru

    Cindy is the old timer @ The Well. She started in the 40's or something like that. Cindy creates the bulletins, is fluent in 8 languages, loves Thunder basketball, and owns something like 17 cats and dogs. Cindy is married to Wes and has 2 kids, Shelby and Scott.